BMF Membership Services

BMF provides a wide range of business support services:

BMF Specialist Insurance Plus

BMF Specialist Insurance Plus is an exclusive, bespoke service offered to BMF members by Specialist Risk Group which provides an enhanced insurance offering for builders merchants and suppliers.

What Does It Cover?

Motor Fleet
All aspects of motor insurance including both private and commercial vehicles with adapted enhancements that are specific to builders merchants main fleet exposures.

Property, Asset Protection and Business Interruption
Covers the loss or damage in respect of Buildings, Tenants Improvements, Glass, Contents and Stock. This also protects against Loss of Profits and/or increased costs to a business following a material damage loss.

Employers Liability

Covers an employee being injured or becoming ill at work through the fault of the employer.

Public/Products Liability
Covers third party property damage or bodily injury caused by normal business operations or the manufacture, supply or sale of any products.

With their combined experience, Specialist Risk have worked with builders merchants for many years and have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the risks faced by businesses in this sector. Their team have vast expertise in the placement of Property, Liability and Motor Fleet insurance, particularly with specialist insurers that not all brokers can access

To find out more about BMF Specialist Insurance Plus contact: (Please quote your BMF Member No.)
Alan Tattler - E: [email protected] T: 07867 369939
Laurence Owens - E: [email protected] T: 07711 850643

BMF Intelligent Employment Plus

Do you want to take the pain out of workplace problems? The BMF have partnered with Halborns a specialist employment law firm and launched a new employment and hr advice service called BMF Intelligent Employment Plus. For 12 months BMF Intelligent Employment Plus allows you to focus on building your business rather managing difficult employment issues.

Running a business is challenging enough but staffing issues can take more time than they should. Take BMF Intelligent Employment Plus advice at the right time and you’ll manage the employment situation and the risks efficiently and professionally.   BMF Intelligent Employment Plus offers you the support that you need to be able to address employment issues with confidence.

Free review of employment contracts and handbooks
We know it’s difficult to ensure that your employment contracts and handbooks remain current and protect your business. On that basis, we offer a free review of those documents to help you to ensure that your business is futureproof and ready to tackle any challenge. To book a free review call Halborns on 0115 7180333 or email Halborns at [email protected] If you decide not to access BMF Intelligent Employment Plus after the review, that’s fine. At least you’ll know what, if anything, needs to change within those documents.  Read more ...

BMF Safety PlusBMF Safety Plus

The BMF have teamed up with Citation Health & Safety and Employment Law Services who work with over 100 merchant clients over 500 locations to offer BMF Safety Plus.

This service offers practical and tailored health and safety support for BMF members with up to the minute health and safety advice designed to keep you and your employees safe. There is both telephone and online support.  

Contact Citation Health & Safety and Employment Law Services on 0345 257 4015 or email Paul Barker [email protected]

BMF Business Guides

Business Guides covering subjects such as Health & Safety, Transport, Environmental, Employment, IT and Security are also available for members. Please visit Business Guides for more information

BMF Cyber and GDPR Audit PlusBMF Cyber and GDPR Audit Plus Service

BMF Cyber Audit Plus provided by RDS Global was designed to help BMF members prepare for the May 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  

What are the new General Data Protection Regulations? GDPR is the name attributed to the new data protection laws which will be fully implemented by May 2018. GDPR will change the way in which businesses obtain, store, use and delete data and will make designated internal data controllers, board members and directors more accountable for the existing business processes around data protection.   The Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which is the government body behind GDPR have stipulated that non-compliant companies will be penalised and will have to pay a fine equating to 4% of global turnover.  

Free Cyber Risk Assessment for BMF Members RDS will provide all BMF members with a free Cyber Risk Assessment where a series of questions will be completed by the business and RDS will then provide some feedback in regards to next steps. They will also provide more information on the policies and processes the business needs to have to be compliant and avoid any fines following May 2018. To book your free Cyber Risk Assessment contact RDS Global on 0330 2211244 or email [email protected]Read more ...


The BMF has partnered with Paymentsense, the leading provider of card payment solutions for businesses in the UK and Ireland, to cut the cost of trade counter card payments. 

The new service for BMF members is designed to simplify the merchant’s card payment process as well as reducing costs.  The service is already saving one early adopter around £350 a month on card transactions at a single site.

Paymentsense combines cutting edge technology with the ability to design their service around each client’s needs, so they are not charged for elements they don’t use.   Nor is there any charge for terminal rentals, and all funds arrive in the client’s bank account on the following business day.

Richard Ellithorne, BMF Membership Services Director said: “Having looked at a number of providers we chose to partner with Paymentsense because their dedication to service excellence reflects the BMF’s mission to help our members build excellence within their  business.”

To find out more please contact Paymentsense on 020 3985 0185 or visit

BMF Apprentieships PlusBMF Apprenticeships Plus

As we enter a new era of training and upskilling, BMF Apprenticeships Plus has been formed to offer a unique approach to the recruitment and management of apprentices. This newly created initiative is specifically designed and regulated to support both large and small members who wish to take advantage of the many benefits of an apprentice.

Having taken extensive advice and undertaken wide ranging research it is widely reported, across all industries, that employers wish to engage with the far reaching and positive opportunities available through the apprenticeship reforms but do not wish to struggle with the complexities, risks and recruitment and management costs inherent in the new processes. By acting on behalf of members in the recruitment processes, employment, contracts of employment, HR, payroll, sourcing and contracting with training providers and funding agencies; BMF Apprenticeships Plus will enable all members to get the very best out of apprenticeships.

Members access the benefits of BMF Apprenticeships Plus by simply contacting BMF Training on 0333 305 7657 or [email protected].

The BMF has appointed LEAP, as new full-service providers of the BMF Apprenticeships Plus service.

LEAP stands for Learn as you Earn Apprenticeship Programmes and they have a unique expertise working exclusively in the construction supply sector, with each programme “designed around the specialist needs of the sector to help all learners reach their full potential”.

Apprenticeships are a successful way to train and upskill new and existing colleagues within the sector, BMF and LEAP have enhanced the BMF Apprenticeships Plus offer to give ‘end to end’ support to both large and small members who wish to take advantage of the many benefits of an apprentice.

Employers who wish to engage with the far reaching and positive opportunities available through the apprenticeship can gain support with finding the right training, the apprenticeship service registration, funding and claims – Including incentivised payments, levy transfers and contracting with external training providers.

BMF Apprenticeships Plus will enable all members to get the very best out of apprenticeships.

Members can access the benefits of BMF Apprenticeships Plus through LEAP by simply contacting Kerry Wilson on 02476 854982 or email [email protected].

Hannah Taylor, the BMF's apprentice Marketing Assistant talks about the advantages of being an apprentice and our members highlight the benefits of employing apprentices below:

Being an apprentice

Advantages of employing apprentices

BMF Transport Plus

BMF Transport Plus is designed to help you manage one of your biggest company cost centres-your vehicle fleet. Not only are vehicle operations a major area of expenditure but they are also one of the most heavily regulated areas of your business. BMF Transport Plus will ensure your company’s vehicle operations comply with road transport regulations, driver hours and employment legislation and also with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) compliance requirements. The service is operated by Prompt whose team of advisors are industry qualified and vastly experienced within the transport industry. Their guidance, advice and recommendations will help you become compliant, remain compliant and protect your operator licence.  

In our new BMF Transport Plus brochure Prompt are offering a FREE eight-point transport compliance health check for our members. To book your free transport compliance health check contact Prompt Training on 01773 850428 or email [email protected]  

The BMF Transport Plus Service assists members in every aspect of compliance with Goods Vehicle Operators Licence Undertakings and Legislation. Prompt Training Ltd are pleased to provide this service on behalf of the BMF. Contact Prompt Training on 01773 850428 or email [email protected]    Read more ...

BMF Legal Helpline 0870 420 7373  

The BMF legal helpline is provided for Members by carefully selected employment and commercial lawyers at law firms Halborns.  The helpline provides high quality legal advice, quickly and conveniently. The first 15 minutes of your call to the helpline will be free of charge.

The helpline is available for use between 9am to 5pm on weekdays (excluding bank holidays). Outside of those hours you can leave a message for the legal team and your call will be returned within two hours of the start of the next working day. The helpline will provide advice on any employment matter (excluding health & safety) relating to your normal business activities. For any query which cannot be resolved within your 15-minute free call, your lawyer will ask you if you wish to take the matter further. No further work will be undertaken without your consent or agreement to the additional cost.

Benefits to you:
  • Employment law advice from straight-talking lawyers
  • Solutions focused advice
  • Lawyers with a practical understanding of our sector
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Outstanding client care