Strategic Leadership Course

Strategic Leadership Course
This four day course is designed for business owners (when ran regionally) or leadership teams (when ran in-company). Leaders who are looking for a leadership skills course designed to help them unlock potential in their workforce, increase productivity, keep their best staff and develop a strategy to stay competitive in a fast changing business landscape. Aimed at Business Owners, Leadership teams, Directors and Heads-of.

Course type
Regional or in-company

Learning format
Classroom based

Course duration
4 days

Further development opportunities

Leading Through Change
Cohesive Leadership

What do you get?
Certificate of Attendance

Course Overview
A four-day leadership skills course spread out over two months (when ran regionally). Or a choice of selecting the content to personalise an in-company course of four days spread out over several months.

Who would benefit?
Business owners or Senior Leadership teams who are looking to:
- Free up time to work on their business strategy in order to grow their company
- Ensure that their company remains competitive during times of change
- Attract and keep their best people and lead teams to high performance

By the end of this training you will have:
- The ability to stand out as a strategic leader known for how well you lead your people in the direction you want your company to go
- Solved real business problems that are holding your company back
- Discovered the most effective way to ‘future proof’ your company
- Learned how to build and prepare high performing teams who are able to execute your company strategy
- Completed self-analysis to better understand how you lead now, what motivates you and why you think the way you do.

Course content
- Enhance the effectiveness of your leadership team
- Manage your long term goals and priorities
- Free up your time as a leader
- Strategic Thinking - Safeguard the future of your company
- Strategic Planning - Build the team that will keep you competitive
- Strategic Influence - Set your strategic direction, achieve buy-in and action from your direct reports
- Line of Sight - Ensure that your entire workforce knows where the business is going and is pulling in the same direction
- Drive high performance in your teams and departments
- Understand how to lead, delegate and motivate your people
- Lead your company to successfully achieve your company strategy

Places limited to 6 people.

How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact Paige Godsell at or call 02476 854980.


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