Sales Development Coaching – 1:1 Online Session

Sales Development Coaching – 1:1 Online Session
This online interactive sales coaching session is designed to get the best out of you as a sales person and ensure you develop and maximum your styles and behaviours to gain maximum sales performance.

You will complete an on line Clarity4D Sales profile questionnaire before the coaching session.

You will receive a detailed profile report that will give you a snap shot of you as a sales person.  

The sales profile includes:-
- How you show up – your personal style 
- Your strongest areas as a sales person 
- Your talents as a sales person 
- Understanding and communicating with customers 
- Introduction to the sales process 
- Your areas for development 

How does it work?

Step 1: Complete an on line questionnaire.  It will take you about 20 minutes.  You should complete this based on how you see yourself not as others see you. 

Step 2: Agree a suitable time to discuss your personalised sales report on line with your personal coach (this report will be sent to you in advance of the meeting).

Step 3: Discuss your sales development plan with your personal coach.

Step 4: Identify your sales development actions.

About Clarity4D Personality Profiling

Clarity4D Personality profiling provides a development process which creates positive results in personal and professional relationships. We all have a mix of 4 colour energies within us and the Clarity4D Profile identifies the colour energies we prefer to use, and those with which we are potentially less comfortable. 

The Clarity4D profile is a snap shot of you at "base camp". It provides you with detailed information about you in both words and colours to give you the opportunity to discuss behaviours, those behaviours you have now, those behaviours you wish to develop, and those behaviours you may wish to minimise or discard.

There are a variety of profiles and can be used in different circumstances:-

- Personality Profile (Your own perception)
- 2D Profile (Others perception of you)
- Team Profile (How you fit in with the team)
- Sales Profile (How you come across in a sales environment) 
- Youth Profile 


The price of this course is £125.00 plus VAT.
How to register your interest

To register your interest, please contact Becky Stokes at [email protected] or call 02476 854980.


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