3 Hour Webinar - Protecting Your Brand Reputation Online

3 Hour Webinar - Protecting Your Brand Reputation Online
Do you worry about receiving negative comments on your social media? Are you afraid of utilising social media platforms due to the potential detrimental effects it may have on your business? Social Media offers a plethora of opportunities to connect with your audience and build your brand’s reputation online. This makes managing and regulating your communication on social media absolutely crucial There is a huge demand to learn more surrounding reputation and risk management ensuring you protect your brands online presence.

Learning format
Interactive online event (via Zoom).

Programme duration
½ day.

Course overview
We have found that after attending our course, our clients gained more confidence when using social media, and understood how to deal with negative customer interaction online. As well as dealing with online interactions with customers, our course also shows you how to develop effective social media gu ide lines to help steer and protect your employees. Your guidelines should be clear on what is and isn’t acceptable online, while also providing legal protection  for your company. Our course provides a roadmap to developing clear social media policies and guidelines for your employees.
By creating guidelines, you can encourage your employees to follow your social accounts and can boost your brand’s online rep
uta tion. Helping employees to understand social media better can also help protect them from online harassment and provide better protection against cyber sec urity risks. the benefit is not
only knowing how to deal with negative communication but it also means they can have the confidence to use social media to gr ow their brand and have positive
engagement with their audience.

Learning Outcomes:
• Social Media Policy
• Social Media Guidelines
• Reputation/Risk Management
• Strategy & Planning
• Tactics & Execution
• Reporting & Analytics

Live , interactive training session with Q&A opportunities & discussions throughout.

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10/4/2022 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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