Positive Wellbeing Conversations

Positive Wellbeing Conversations
This ½ day course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for managing others, HR professionals and Wellbeing Champions to help them feel more confident when handling sensitive wellbeing conversations with employees.  In addition to better understanding their management style to create a psychologically safe working environment.

Course type
Regional or In-Company 

Learning format
Classroom or Online 

Course duration
½ day

Further development opportunities
Mental wellbeing awareness
Cultivating a psychologically safe workplace

What do you get?
Certificate of Attendance

Course overview
A person’s direct line manager has a large influence over their wellbeing at work, as well setting the tone for creating a psychologically safe work-place environment.  Yet many managers feel uncertain about how to handle sensitive conversations, even when they spot signs that someone is struggling with their mental wellbeing.

They are often concerned that they’re not an expert in wellbeing issues and therefore feel they may be ill equipped to handle what may arise in a sensitive conversation.

This course will help attendees feel more confident in handling sensitive conversations and relieved to discover they don’t have know all the answers! 

Who would this benefit?
This interactive course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for managing others, HR professionals and Wellbeing Champions.

It would ensure employers are taking a proactive approach to co-creating a psychologically safe environment with their employees.  Ensuring key staff feel capable of supporting employees who are displaying signs of struggling with mental ill health.  Also ensuring that wellbeing conversations are part of the organisations culture.  In addition, this would help comply with HSE legislation and support implementation of the upcoming ISO 45003.

Attendees will:
- Define what mental wellbeing means to them and how this impacts their management style
- Learn how to let employees lead the conversation and how to support them to develop their own solutions
- Appreciate how perceptions and expectations can influence conversations
- Learn coaching frameworks for handling sensitive conversations 
- Discover tools they can use to support different wellbeing conversations
- Understand the legal aspects and requirements of taking a record of sensitive conversations
- Appreciate the risks of avoiding conversations 
- Understanding their limits, when to signpost and seek professional support

- Management style self-awareness questionnaire
- An overview of mental health conditions and misconceptions
- How to approach conversations
- Empowering coaching frameworks
- Templates for conversational support
- Active listening & open questioning
- Feedback and reframing
- Record taking recommendations
- And more!
How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact Becky Stokes at [email protected] or call 02476 854980.

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