Mind Setting - Optimise your Performance

Mind Setting - Optimise your Performance
Mind-Setting is a new online performance coaching programme and step by step blueprint to help you optimise your performance.

What is Mind-Setting?

Mind-Setting is a new online performance coaching programme and step by step blueprint to help you optimise your performance. It integrates the best sports practices with proven personal development skills and habits to help you to build the best version of yourself. When you join the Mind-Setting programme, you will learn transformational strategies that will not only optimise your working performance but also in everyday life.

Who is Mind-Setting for?

- Mind-Setting is designed for individuals who want to reach their goals quickly and efficiently
- It is understood that performance comes from excellence in 3 areas, namely; Knowledge | Skills | Behaviours
- Mind-Setting will guide you through the essential habits that make up effective Behaviours - gleaned from industry leaders and effective performers in sport and business and that you can transfer into new skills for yourself
- Roger Black MBE and Steve Backley OBE have identified and modelled the key skills and habits from sport and of successful people from other fields and converted them into practices that anyone can learn and apply to everyday life.
Features and Benefits

- Delivered directly to your device
- Daily learning
- Learn in your own time
- Learn at your own pace
- Lifelong learning.

- Improved motivation and drive
- Help in reaching your goals
- Increase time efficiency
- Increase clarity and purpose
- Increase productivity and effectiveness
- Helps achieve professional and personal goals
- Help achieve better work-life balance
- Improve communication 

How does the programme work?

Users learn one of these 25 practices plus reviews, to ensure that you can repeat and strengthen your new knowledge and skills and convert them into positive habits aligned to your aspirations. Over a period of 25 days each practice builds on the previous - as part of a specific step by step system to deliver higher performance. Roger and Steve have created a programme to inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be and they use the following methods to achieve this...
Investment Structure 

Mind-Setting is designed for individuals and teams alike – and experience has taught us that mass usage for continuity of message across an organisation is what can help to drive a winning culture. We have therefore devised the following sliding scale of investment to help organisations to invest in large numbers efficiently.

Up to 10 Users: £99 pp
11-20 Users: £50 pp
21-50 Users: £40 pp
51+ Users: £30 pp

Zoom Launch @ £2k

Follow Up ‘Zoom Session’ also Available

How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact Tina Skinner at [email protected] or call 02476 854989.

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