Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness
This 2½ hour session is suitable for any employee to increase their awareness of their own wellbeing and how to support others.  It would also ensure employers are taking a proactive and organisation wide approach to wellbeing by providing mental health literacy training for all staff, which also complies with the new ISO 45003 to support effective consultation with staff on managing mental wellbeing risks.

Course type
Regional or In-Company

Learning format
Classroom or Online

Course duration
2.5 hours

Further development opportunities
Cultivating a psychologically safe workplace
Positive wellbeing conversations

What do you get?
Certificate of Attendance

Course overview
Our mental wellbeing determines the quality of our life, yet many people are unaware of how their mind really works and therefore how to leverage their mind to maintain mental wellbeing.  

There are also many misconceptions about mental health which prevents people seeking support or providing support to others, so this session will help expose these to enable more openness to talk about mental wellbeing. 

With aspects of NLP and positive psychology included, attendees will leave with a sound understanding of mental health and a plan to manage theirs.  As when we manage our own wellbeing compassionately, we can share the same compassion to support others. 

Who would this benefit?

This session is suitable for any employee to increase their awareness of their own wellbeing and how to support others.

It would ensure employers are taking a proactive and whole organisation approach to wellbeing in the provision of mental health literacy training for all their staff.  
Which would also enable them to ensure effective employee consultation on any mental health risks across their organisation, to identify, assess and put in place wellbeing solutions.  To comply with HSE legislation and implement the upcoming ISO BS 45003. 

Attendees will:
- Understand how the mind works
- Discover the factors affecting mental health
- Learn the common mental health conditions and misconceptions
- Gain an overview of the legislation around mental wellbeing in the workplace
- Understand responsibilities for wellbeing in the workplace
- Learn how to take ownership of their wellbeing
- Understand how they can support others mental wellbeing 

- What is mental health – defining what mental health means to you
- Factors that increase and decrease mental health inside and outside the workplace
- Types of mental health 
- Misconceptions of mental health
- Signs of mental ill health 
- Positive relationships to support others
- Introduction to a Wellbeing Action Plan to maintain mental health
- And more!

How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact Becky Stokes at [email protected] or call 02476 854980.


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