2 Day How to Train and Develop your Team Members

2 Day How to Train and Develop your Team Members
This two day course will teach you how to train and develop your team members.

Philip Cripps, the BMF associate tutor for this course also has a great reputation as a business author. His latest book “Management in a Minute” is now in the Business Books best sellers list.

Course type


Learning format
Classroom based

Course duration
2 day

What do you get?
Certificate of Attendance

Course Content:
Session One:
- What do we want to achieve over the course of the next two days?
- What will be the format of the workshop?
- What do you want to gain from attending the workshop?

Session Two:
What are the personal attributes you need to demonstrate if you are to be an effective trainer?

Session Three:
- How to plan the training of your team members
- Understanding the nature and scope of your training and development responsibilities
- The identification of individuals Ambitions or Aspirations

Session Four:
Principles to follow and guidelines to adopt when fulfilling your responsibility to train and develop your team members

Session Five:
How to determine the right training methods

Session Six:
How to become a 'what' and a 'how' Manager

Session Seven:
How to identify your team members motivators and sources of de-motivation

Session Eight:
How to use counselling and coaching as training opportunities

Session Nine:
How to turn corrective interviews into positive events

Session Ten:
How to use Performance Reviews as opportunities to change attitudes and behaviour

The workshop will feature projects and opportunities to practice the application of new techniques and approaches.

Preparatory work we would like you to undertake for the workshop:

1. What are the biggest challenges you face when seeking to train the people who report to you?
- Come to the workshop with your list of challenges. These will be discussed on Day One of the workshop.

2. If you are due to counsel one of your team members, on a work related subject, during the two week period following the workshop, bring details on the subject to the workshop.
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The price of this course is £490.00 + VAT, the price below is inclusive of VAT.
9/4/2019 9:30 AM - 9/5/2019 4:30 PM
1180 Elliott Court Coventry Business Park, Herald Avenue Coventry CV5 6UB England

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