2HR Webinar - How To Generate Business With Email Marketing

2HR Webinar - How To Generate Business With Email Marketing
Learn how to build your email database, measure your progress and keep your customers engaged and inspired with our top tips on email marketing strategy. If a customer has signed up to your newsletter or subscribed to your updates, you have an incredible opportunity to build a relationship with them and take them on a customised journey. Are you capitalising on that opportunity? Or, are your email campaigns just an output that aren’t providing any real return? Email marketing should play an important role in your wider business strategy and is a unique channel for updating your customers, keeping them engaged, and nurturing them on their journey to enquire or purchase.


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Course duration:
2 Hours 

Course overview:
In this webinar you will learn tactics to get people interested enough in the first place to subscribe or sign up to your newsletter

You will also learn how to use the right metrics and data to improve your emails, keep your customers engaged inspired and drive your enquiries and sales forward Finally, we will share our top tips on how you can create a great experience for your customers along the way rather than tempting them to unsubscribe!

Learning outcomes:

  • Key features of an email marketing strategy
  • Tactics to encourage customers/prospects to sign up to your emails
  • Setting specific goals and KPIs that you can track and measure
  • Mapping the journey for your customers through email that leads them to enquire or purchase Improving open and click through rates with A/B testing

Live , interactive training session with Q&A opportunities & discussions throughout.


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2/1/2024 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
GMT Standard Time

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