Sales Fast Track Programme

Sales Fast Track Programme
The Sales Fast Track is an ISM (Institute of Sales Mgt) accredited programme which can be run virtually or face to face.


The Sales Fast Track is an ISM (Institute of Sales Management) accredited programme designed for all people within Sales who want proven techniques and skills to leverage their sales performance. The programmes kudos will ensure sales is recognised as a profession in its own right, supported by industry knowledge and award winning experts.
The ‘Fast Track’ approach will provide you with the sales tactics and behaviours to:

- Achieve the sales goals you set from the outset
- Deliver added value solutions for your Customers
- Apply proven sales tactics in a competitive changing market
- Communicate more effectively using the language of colour
- Understand the principles of ‘people buy from people’
- Deliver a 30-Day Sales Plan with tangible results

The programme will result in you stopping at various stations (as pictured) validating your knowledge and skills against six key elements of a generic sales process along the way.
For example, a stop-off at the ‘Manage Objections’ station will provide you with the learning topics including:

- Handling Objections
- Clarifying Techniques
- Objection Prevention

Stations within the Sales Fast Track Programme

After each station stop, you will create an action plan to apply what you have learnt about that station topic in your workplace before you begin the journey to the next station.

As you continue the journey within the sales fast track programme, you will be growing your personal sales capability to ultimately maximise your sales performance.

At the end of the day it’s about the results. This will be achieved by applying what you have learnt and being able to demonstrate the ISM code of practice in sales.

WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me?)

- Apply different techniques to maximise your sales performance
- Discover the Art of Selling using a proven six step sales process
- How to manage and maintain a Sales Dashboard
- Adjust your style and approach to meet the needs of your customer
- Successfully manage your Growth Mindset to achieve results
- Benchmark your current sales approach to deliver industry best practice
- Demonstrate to ISM your applied learning to achieve academic certification

Schedule Delivery Options

Option 1 - Virtual

(Over 7 Weeks plus Academic Presentation)

Option 2 - In-house

(3 Days, 1 Day Academic Presentation)

  • Pre-Work
  • Week One Welcome
  • Week Two Prospecting
  • Week Three Identifying Needs
  • Week Four Present Offer
  • Week Five Manage Objections
  • Week Six Close Sales
  • Week Seven Follow Through
  • Weeks Eight to Fourteen applied learning including:-
  • 30 Day Sales Plan
  • ISM Academic Requirements
  • Week Fifteen Applied Learning Results Presentation
  • Week Sixteen Academic Accreditation


  • Pre-Work
  • Day One
  • All About You including Clarity4D
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Day Two
  • Prospecting
  • Identifying Needs
  • Present Offer
  • Day Three
  • Manage Objections
  • Close Sale
  • Follow Through
  • ISM Academic Requirements
  • 30 Day Sales Plan Delegate Activities
  • Final Academic Presentation

Academic Accreditation

The entire programme has purposely been designed to build on your ability and behaviours in sales through:

- Personal effectiveness – managing self
- Organisational performance – delivering results
- Interpersonal excellence – developing relationships

When you have completed the programme in full and successfully presented the outcomes of your 30 day sales plan to the ISM Quality Management Team, you will be awarded Executive EISM (Equipped to Excel) by the Institute of Sales Management.

In recognition of this achievement, you will receive both a certificate awarded by the ISM and also have the credentials of EISM after your name.

How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact Tina Skinner at [email protected] or call 02476 854980.

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