1 Day Webinar - Essential Sales, Margin & Customer Service

1 Day Webinar - Essential Sales, Margin & Customer Service
This important module ensures delegates fully understand the implications of discounting and how to set selling prices correctly without leaving money on the table. It addresses the most common bad pricing habits and provides practical assistance in how to be a more effective sales person, rather than just an order taker. What the customer comes in for is up to them…what they leave with is up to you!!

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Course duration:
1 day 

Further development opportunities (other courses)
Key account management
Sales for Sales Representatives

What do you get?
Workbook and Certificate of attendance 

Course overview:
This added-value course focusses on the sweet spot between price, quality & service, highlighting some of the most common bad pricing habits in merchanting and suggests ways to alleviate them so that delegates gain the confidence & know how to increase their personal sales & margin contribution by an average of  3%, which means that the course is effectively self-funding!

Who would benefit? 
Any sales or customer facing staff from Yard Servers to Branch Managers and Sales Representatives

Understand the importance of customer service and key elements that affect profit 
Understand the cost of discounting and the level of extra business needed to replace monies traded away in discounts
Understand the different ways of improving margins to strengthen your company’s performance

Course content:
Customer-centricity: A look at what customers want / don’t want from their merchant of choice
Why customers stop using you (it’s not always price), and some customer service home truths
Basic customer segmentation (trade Vs retail), and perceived value by segment 
A look at some mystery shopping clips to help delegates overcome the fear of “stranger danger”
Mark up, margin, gross profit & net profit – and getting to break-even point
How to calculate a selling price from just a cost price and a target margin
The difference between a sales person and an order taker
Asking great “open” questions and building rapport with customers
Perceived pricing – a powerful pricing exercise that highlights the effects of unnecessary discounting and the dangers of making assumptions on price
Ways to push back when your customer asks you to drop price
The 5 drivers of customer loyalty
The 3 main stages of selling (The first 30 seconds, negotiation, and closing the sale)
Increasing average ticket value – “Think project, not product”
Pro-active initiatives to find new customers, win back lost customers or sell more to existing customers

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8/18/2022 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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