1/2 Day - Excellence in Business Writing

1/2 Day - Excellence in Business Writing
This course is designed to show how best to construct a full range of business correspondence. It will ensure total understanding of the way written communication should be produced and the pitfalls that arise from sub-standard correspondence

Course type
Regional or bespoke delivery in-company 

Learning format

Course duration
½ day (9:00 to 12:30)

Further development opportunities
Persuasive Presentations 

What do you get?
Certificate of Attendance 

Course overview
This training looks at the process of writing, the importance of planning, revising and editing our written work. It looks at how we can structure our writing and how we can improve the style of it to inform, persuade and convince our readers. It also looks at examples of ‘real’ writing, from merchant and supplier situations and shows how we can improve the impact and clarity of that writing.

Who would benefit?
Managers, Assistant Managers, Office Managers/Supervisors, staff responsible for producing business related correspondence (including e-mail), and all staff who write at work.


  • To give writers at work the confidence to see themselves as writers and to recognise and be confident to use different elements of structure and style.
  • To enable writers at work understand that they write for an audience which may be known or unknown, one person or many people, but always an audience that must be informed, influenced or convinced by what they read.
  • To enable writers at work to be confident in their application of the mechanics of writing: punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • To enable writers at work to understand the process of writing and the specific elements of the different types of written documents that they might have to create.

Course content

  • Creating good audience dynamics.
  • Aspects of good style
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Use of bullet points
  • Focusing on clarity and consistency and avoiding ambiguity
  • Editing and proof reading techniques
  • Correct use of grammar and punctuation
  • The main elements of different writing genres (e.g. e-mail, letters, proposals, copy for digital media, reports).
  • Things to watch out for: common usage/abusage and subject-verb agreement
  • Simple ways to make bad writing good


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10/12/2022 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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