BMF Diploma in Supplier Management

The BMF Diploma in Supplier Management covers a range of practical management issues including managing yourself, managing others, managing processes and managing change. Attendees will learn not only key managerial skills but also how to apply these back at work.

Who would benefit?

The BMF Diploma in Supplier Management is designed from the ground up to be relevant to managers, supervisors, and sales team members working in the builders’ merchant supply sector. The Diploma is open to all but is especially relevant to existing managers and supervisors (or those who aspire to undertake these roles).

Course type
Self-Study Guides and Workshops

Learning format
9 Workshops & Assessments

Course duration
Minimum of 6 Months - Maximum of 24 months 

What do you get?
Certificates of Completion.

Introducing the Diploma In Supplier Management
One of the major challenges suppliers face today is finding talented people who will fit-in with your ethos and produce results. This is especially the case with managers and sales staff. In order to survive, develop, and grow, your business needs good staff; staff who are committed, skilled, and well-qualified. But where do you find such people? You could recruit externally of course, but this is extremely time-consuming, costly, and potentially risky. Why not look internally instead and develop the talent you already have? The BMF Diploma in Supplier Management aims to help you do exactly that!  

How is it structured?

The BMF Diploma in Supplier Management comprises nine ‘Learning Modules’. Successful completion of the first three Modules leads to the award of a Certificate, whilst completion of all nine Modules earns the full Diploma. Each Module is supported by distance-learning materials followed by a practical tutor-led ‘Workshop’.

How is it assessed?

Individual progress is assessed via nine written papers and also during activities undertaken at the Workshops.Each paper poses questions relating to the subjects covered in a Learning Module and is designed to test understanding of the key concepts. Each workshop will involve practical activities which will be assessed by the tutor. In order to complete an assessment, attendees will need to draw upon what they have learnt and also their personal experiences at work. In so doing they will demonstrate an understanding of current management thinking and attitudes.

What will be gained?

The BMF Diploma in Supplier Management is approved by the BMF as a programme of study relevant to the industry. It is also accredited by the CPD Certification Service so contributes to continuing professional development.By successfully completing the programme participants will have gained a valuable understanding of modern management principles and will have shown a commitment to develop themselves. They will have the confidence to apply their knowledge and skills to running a team both more effectively and more efficiently.

Worshipful Company of Builders' Merchants: Bursaries for training, qualifications & apprenticeships

A bursary of up to £2,000 a person may be available to you and can be used towards this BMF course.

The bursary is open to: 
College or University graduates
Employees working in the sector

To apply you must be a current employee working with a building materials supplier or manufacturer:

  • Applicants must have worked in the industry for at least 12 months.
  • There must be a demonstrable financial need indicating that the applicant cannot fund the course themselves.
  • The course or training that the applicant is seeking financial support for must not be wholly available from the employer.
  • Successful applicants must be prepared to sign a statement that they plan to remain within the industry for at least two years following completion of the course; otherwise they will agree to refund the cost of the bursary.

Bursary eligibility is based on assessment of your financial status and will be paid on successful completion of the course. The bursary may be paid to an organisation (such as your employer or other lender/funder) who has paid the course fees in advance.

For full terms & conditions, or to apply for the funding, download this form.

How to register
Training for this course is booked on demand. To register your interest please contact David Dealtry on [email protected].

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