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CANX - Better Banter: Humour or Harassment?

CANX - Better Banter: Humour or Harassment?
What constitutes banter and what is acceptable in the workplace? Delivered by an employment lawyer with an understanding of the Building Materials sector. This course explores what oversteps the mark into harassment or bullying behaviour.

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Regional or in-company   

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Classroom based   

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1/2 day  

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Certificate of Attendance 

Inappropriate workplace banter can easily land your business in legal hot water - including grievances, tribunal claims and adverse publicity. This practical, fast-paced training ensures you understand the risks of getting it wrong, know how to set the right tone for workplace communications between employees going forward and have the tools to deal swiftly with inappropriate banter if it occurs.

Course content 
- Banter vs harassment: what is the difference?
- The legal context: discrimination claims
- #MeToo: the cost of getting it wrong for your values and brand 
- Dealing with social media, WhatsApp and memes 
- Rise in claims: who is liable and how to protect your business 
- Options for dealing with unacceptable behaviour 
- The limitations of settlement agreements and 'gagging' clauses

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BMF Regional Centre John A Stephens, Green Light Centre Castle Meadow Road Nottingham NG2 1AG England
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