BMF Apprenticeships Plus

BMF Apprenticeships Plus
As we enter a new era of training and upskilling, BMF Apprenticeships Plus has been formed to offer a unique approach to the recruitment and management of apprentices.

This newly created initiative is specifically designed and regulated to support both large and small members who wish to take advantage of the many benefits of an apprentice. Having taken extensive advice and undertaken wide ranging research it is widely reported, across all industries, that employers wish to engage with the far reaching and positive opportunities available through the apprenticeship reforms but do not wish to struggle with the complexities, risks and recruitment and management costs inherent in the new processes. Albeit you will choose which young people you want to engage with, by acting on behalf of members in the recruitment processes, employment, contracts of employment, HR, payroll, sourcing and contracting with training providers and funding agencies BMF Apprenticeships Plus will enable all members to get the very best out of apprenticeships.

The distinctive feature of the Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) model is that it is BMF Apprenticeships Plus who acts as the apprentice employer and who places them with the ‘host’ member employer. The member employer pays BMF Apprenticeships Plus a small fee for the apprentices’ services; this fee being based on the wage agreed with the host and the BMF Apprenticeships Plus management fee. The BMF Apprenticeships Plus model offers other benefits for members. These include:

-Recruitment and ongoing support – finding the right apprentice to meet the employers’ needs
Responsibility for the wages, tax, National Insurance as well as administration and performance management.
Legal and Human Resource skills to ensure that the member host employer can be confident that all compliance matters are fully covered.
Supervision of the apprentice during the Apprenticeship period
Sourcing and contracting with approved training providers and support to both the apprentice and host member employer throughout the Apprenticeship.

Also, key is the flexibility BMF Apprenticeships Plus can offer both to the member employer and to the apprentice. If circumstances change BMF Apprenticeships Plus will aim to find alternative and appropriate employment for the apprentice giving them the reassurance that they can continue their Apprenticeship, whilst ensuring that our members know they have this option.

BMF Apprenticeships Plus is not a temporary worker business but rather a means to offer real flexibility in the delivery of a high-quality Apprenticeship. For the young person or new entrant into our industry BMF Apprenticeships Plus gives another route into an Apprenticeship supported by a full employment contract and apprenticeship agreement which can offer them the opportunity to train and be recognised as proficient across the range of skills that our members need as well as providing increased security around the continuation of their Apprenticeship. By acting on your behalf the BMF Apprenticeships Plus model has been developed to contribute to the success of Apprenticeships by giving access for all our members and to bring into the industry and upskill a greater number of young people.

One final and very important additional service is aimed to benefit you and your existing employees. By utilising the vastly experienced and skilled BMF Apprenticeships Plus team we can advise and source training providers for existing employees to upskill and achieve their potential for the benefit of themselves and all our member employers. From 1 May 2017,the explosion in opportunities to train and gain superb qualifications across all age ranges and all disciplines from trade counter, warehouse, delivery to management, accounting, sales and procurement are within the reach of every member for a fraction of the cost to date.

Members access the benefits of BMF Apprenticeships Plus by contacting BMF Apprenticeships Plus on 0333 305 7657 or with an expression of interest and the process will begin.

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