4 Day Sales Training for Sales Representatives

4 Day Sales Training for Sales Representatives
(Run over 2 blocks of 2 days) This in depth sales course will enhance the expertise used by existing sales representatives and provide new concepts and techniques to make the most of their sales visits. This will explore the requirements needed to ensure successful sales pitches and show how to engage your customer in your product lines and services.

Course type 


Learning format
Classroom based   

Course duration 
4 days in total. 
The course is run over 2 blocks of 2 days. 
Days 1 & 2 to be held on 26 & 27 September
Days 3 & 4 to be held on 4 & 5 October

Further development opportunities 
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What do you get? 
Certificate of Attendance   

Course overview 
This comprehensive & adaptable sales course provides sales staff with the complete range of skills needed to run an effective sales ledger or territory. From understanding strategy to developing margin opportunities and bringing them to life, this course has something for anyone in Sales / Sales Management – it’s the complete toolkit.

Who would benefit? 
Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, newly appointed or existing Sales Representatives, and any customer facing sales staff.


  • Understand the customer better to encourage strong business relationships
  • Be aware of your own selling style, strengths and weaknesses
  • Be confident in qualifying and closing the sale
  • Assistance with finding and retaining customers
  • Improve time management and territory management skills by identifying and focussing on the high margin / high potential accounts & opportunities
  • Use effective communication skills to efficiently identify customer needs and to recognise buying signals
  • Understand the cost of discounting & know when to discount and when to ‘hold firm’
  • Increase profitable sales and improve the bottom line.

Course content

  • Market orientation
  • Understanding your market segment 
  • What customers want from their supplier and why price is only one factor in this.
  • Understanding mark up, margin, gross profit & net profit
  • The role of a sales-person – self assessment of the key attributes
  • Communication skills – being an effective conduit between customer and branch
  • The economics of a sales force – understanding cost per call
  • Effective territory management and time management
  • Perceived value and how to build rapport & drive customer loyalty
  • Understanding different character types
  • CRM – understanding customer attractiveness & how to assess potential for growth
  • Critical success factors & how to differentiate
  • The sales process 
    • Constructing an effective 30 second sales pitch
    • Getting past gatekeepers
    • Good use of open questions
    • Negotiation – how to deal with manipulative negotiation tactics
    • Understanding where, when & how to discount
    • Common bad pricing habits (and the cost these have to the business)
    • Understanding the build process & where the opportunities for add-on sales & margin growth are (think project, not product)
    • Following up quotes by use of intelligent questioning
  • Pro-active sales initiatives to
    • Find new customers
    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Win back lost customers
  • Handling complaints in a confident & assertive manner
  • Putting together a workable margin development plan

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The cost of this course is £995 + VAT (price below is inclusive of VAT)

9/26/2022 9:30 AM - 9/27/2022 4:30 PM
Herald Avenue 1180 Coventry Business Park Coventry CV56UB England

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