BMF Brexit Hub


Welcome to this members’ hub prepared by the Builders Merchants’ Federation (BMF) and the National Federation of Builders (NFB) to help our members in the post-Brexit economic recovery.

The BMF and NFB have co-operated to bring you advice and guidance to reflect the needs of different types of businesses - namely manufacturers, importers, exporters, merchants, contractors and builders - and signpost other sources of assistance including grants.

UK-EU politicians and diplomats struck a free trade agreement last Christmas Eve. The full 1246-page international treaty - the “Trade and Cooperation Agreement” - and a 34-page explanatory summary can be found here:

As the negotiations were only finalised a few days prior to the end of the Transition Period, the Agreement applies (on a provisional basis) until 28 February 2021. Various parliaments and governments must formally ratify the Agreement by then. This is widely expected to occur without much difficulty.

Work is ongoing to convert the legal text of this treaty into guidance for businesses to understand what the provisions are, and the impact the treaty will have, on the building materials’ supply chain and other industry partners. The official UK Government source of advice is at: There are significant issues that fall outside the scope of the Agreement that remain un-resolved between London and Brussels. For example: the transfer of personal data. In the jargon, this is called “data adequacy” and includes HR data such as payroll information.

These pages are designed to outline important matters you should urgently consider and prepare for accordingly. The majority of advice comes from official government sources - notably the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - but also from agencies, statutory authorities and inspectorates - e.g. the HMRC. Each page is for a different type of business as shown behind each square. Some issues are common and the same advice appears on more than one page. Comment, interpretation and tailored advice is given on some of the consequences.

For further advice and support by phone, e-mail and webchat - including government grants to help you with professional advice and training - please go to the “Don’t Forget” pages.

Some of the information is only available for BMF members only to access this information, please ensure you are logged in using your BMF login details. If you have any issues accessing the secure area, please contact Keira Lynch at  [email protected]



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