The BMF has published its new “BMF Policy Outlook” that makes the case for merchants, manufacturers and suppliers - and sets out our ‘asks’ of parliaments and governments in terms of policy, regulation, taxation and public spending. 

“BMF Policy Outlook” is the fourth document we have produced in recent years. The primary audience is politicians, elected members, civil servants and public officials at all levels of government - from the UK national level down to local councils. Many of them have little or no grasp of the role, value and importance of the building materials’ supply chain - or the BMF itself - in delivering for customers and communities. 

As we start the new financial year, we want ministers in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast - and municipal leaders in regional and local government - to plan and prepare for life after Brexit. Economic and financial commentators (including the Bank of England) forecast that the regions will suffer an economic shock after we leave the EU. Notwithstanding Brexit, we believe the single most pressing problem is the need to boost output, employment and education levels in less-well performing regions, compared to London and the South East: the so-called ‘productivity puzzle’. 

“BMF Policy Outlook” will be sent to ministers, devolved administrations, metro-mayors and local authority leaders to lobby for business-friendly conditions for our members. It signals our willingness to work in partnership with government on the construction, housing & home improvement and employment issues we collectively face. 

In September and October 2019, we will use “BMF Policy Outlook” to reinforce our lobbying at the Party Political Conferences around the country. This year, the Liberal Democrats are in Bournemouth, the Labour Party is in Brighton, the Conservatives are in Manchester, and the Scottish Nationalists are in Aberdeen. We welcome constructive comments and suggestions on this document. Please contact the author, Brett Amphlett, BMF Policy & Public Affairs’ Manager, on [email protected]

Please click here to download your copy.