BMF website wins European Award    

BMF website wins European Award

The BMF's latest website, launched in April, has been selected as the best in Europe in the annual Awards run by the worldwide software company ASI.

ASI, which developed the iMIS member engagement system which is instrumental to the functionality of the BMF’s website, supports Trade Associations, membership bodies and other not for profit organisations around the globe.  Their Awards judge websites on content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality and interactivity and overall user experience.

Commenting on the Award, Oz Bham, Membership and IT Manager said:  “In designing their new website, the BMF was determined to place high functionality at its core. We had a clear set of priorities and winning this Award is recognition that we have achieved those aspirations.

“We wanted our merchant, supplier, service and distributor members to understand how the BMF can deliver added value to their businesses, which have different needs.  We also wanted to engage with prospective members and lead them through the process from initial contact to full membership. To achieve this, personalisation was a key aspect of the design.  For example, the homepage offers the option to display the most appropriate content by job role and sector. This enables all visitors to tailor their experience depending on their exact requirements and interests.

“The overall user experience has been enhanced by sign posting methods using clear ‘call to actions’ across the website to ensure that every visitor can easily navigate to the required page with minimum effort. The call to action buttons include finding out what BMF can do for you specifically, requesting a call back where face-to-face interaction is preferred, as well as highlighting information on training up-and-coming events and latest news.”