BMF supports £19.5m Optimised Retrofit programme in Wales

20 November 2020

Members of the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) in Wales are supporting the devolved nation’s drive to deliver a low-carbon future under a landmark scheme.

The Welsh Government’s £19.5 million Optimised Retrofit Programme will help local authority and housing association tenants and the environment by reducing the amount of carbon produced in powering and heating homes. Fitting energy-efficient, low emission and water-saving measures in properties across Wales will be key to achieving sustainability goals.

Designed to contribute to the Welsh Government’s efforts to decarbonise all 1.4 million Welsh homes by 2050, a major element of the scheme is to revitalise the regional economy by using local contractors and local merchants. 

In a written statement from Julie James MS, Minister for Housing and Local Government, the BMF is mentioned, along with other trade bodies and industry groups, in relation to the opportunities presented for the SME sector in supporting the decarbonisation of homes.

Commenting on the programme, Julie James said: “Retrofitting homes is vital in providing greener, better homes, reducing fuel poverty and establishing new supply chains.

“As well as opening the door to a new industry, it will create a low carbon economy for Wales, helping us to meet our ambitious sustainability targets and tackle the climate emergency.”

BMF CEO, John Newcomb, added: “The Optimised Retrofit Programme delivers meaningful environmental and economic benefits across Wales.

“Builders merchants are at the heart of local communities of trades people and are well-placed to support the delivery of this programme in their area.”

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