Training and Development

The Institute’s mission is to support the personal development of professionals within the Builders Merchant industry with a choice of membership grades to suit most needs.....a professional qualification.

We encourage and endorse training programmes within the industry from those delivered by the BMF to other relevant approved industry courses and in- company training programmes.

Training courses

The BMF runs a comprehensive range of industry specific and specialist training courses that can be run regionally or “in-company” and are accredited as appropriate to national standards for employees of merchants, distributors and suppliers, from yard staff to company directors. Training ranges from on-line product knowledge to specialist skills training. The BMF also offers apprenticeships through its Apprenticeships Plus Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) and BMF Diploma in Merchant Management for trainee managers. Courses include:

• Apprenticeships and NVQ’s
• BMF Diploma in Merchant Management
• Transport training from CPC driver training to Transport for non Transport Managers
• One to four-day course in general management, staff development, operations, sales and management
• BMF Campus on-line product training
• BMF Building Blocks

Corporate member training through BMF campus

BMF Campus offers high quality learning. Being on-line it offers an attractive and enjoyable way for members to gain understanding of a wide range of product and technical issues. The easy administration tools enable member companies to put together personalised courses comprising hand picked modules for the individuals concerned.

BMF Campus includes ‘Wood Campus’ content and courses covering, IT Skills, Project Management and Health & Safety Compliance. In addition there is quick reference material such as product updates and 90 second Know-How, documents, videos and news.

Join the IoBM in 3 simple steps

1. Select the membership level that’s most appropriate for your experience.

2. Complete the application form and click submit.
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3. We’ll process your application – usually within a few days – and email you when your membership is activated.