COVID-19 bulletin - 2 April 2020

This is a request from the Construction Leaders Council (CLC) that the BMF are members of and which meets daily, for input and support to the work on Bank Loans – essentially collating evidence on the current state play in terms of members accessing loans and secondly to help develop ideas on Government or Bank policy interventions (if required).

Please can you to send any specific examples privately of where you have tried to access Loans or Finance and have had specific problems.

Please bear in mind the Government only deal in facts and not subjectivity or heresay. The information provided to the BMF will be collated and sent to the CLC to help inform the current state of play/case for a change in approach.

Please send your examples to who will collate a list. If you wish to remain anonymous on the form we send, let us know and we would say “from a merchant member in the north west” for example.

Thank you for your assistance.