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Counting the cost of Brexit

Nigel Cassidy20 June 2018

In this specially commissioned report for BBC World Service, freelance financial and current affairs broadcaster Nigel Cassidy talks to enterprises on the Brexit front line, including Alsford Timber (3:01) and BMF CEO John Newcomb (3:20). 

What will business life be like after Brexit?  Will there be paralysis at the ports? Or are the potential costs of clearing EU goods through customs being exaggerated?

Listen to the podcast here  (4:23) John Newcomb

Marketing podcasts

Marketing Study Lab Spring 2018 podcasts with Peter Sumpton of Marketing Study Labs (also Marketing Manager at IKO) and his guest John Newcomb, BMF CEO.

John Newcomb, BMF CEO talks about how important an education is and why the BMF are advocates of apprenticeships. Click here to listen (1:55)

What the BMF IS and DOES for its most valuable asset - its members. Click here to listen (1:47)

John Newcomb talks about his career to date and where is all began. Click here to listen (2:20)

To hear the podcast in full click here (26:52)