Making product data standardisation a reality

Jonathan Chard, Director of IT, Bradfords, Working Group Chair

“Standardisation is the key to removing inefficiencies in the Building Materials industry because it brings consistency, providing structured and reliable data that can save time and effort when that data is shared through our members’ £44.5bn supply chain. 

"Data standardisation is about making sure that each data type has the same content and format, essential for tracking, comparing, searching, and selling products.

"We have fully adopted the template at Bradfords, it works well across all our suppliers and product categories. However, the industry will only benefit if ALL of the industry adopt it."


If you want to hear more about the benefits, email [email protected].

The BMF's product data template has been specifically designed to help members eliminate the problem of inconsistent data content and format requests. The template is easy to use, fully tested and ready to download right here  on the BMF's website.


What our members are saying


“We were keen to be a very active participant, sharing our experiences and working collaboratively with manufacturers, suppliers and merchants. Having a data standard enables Bradfords to avoid the usual time-consuming approach to obtaining the required data from 100’s of suppliers and ultimately reduces the time to get products to market. Working with our IT team we can now automate the loading of Product Data."

Ruth Rose, Commercial Content Manager


“We all remember “fork handles” and the ensuing comedy of errors.  However, the serious side of this is harmful to businesses, if they don’t have a simple and consistent way to distinguish between item A and item B.  At Wavin Ltd, we understand this and are delighted to be a part of the BMF Product Standardisation Group which will help the sector embrace the value of consistent, good quality, product data.”

Siân Davenport, Market Data Co-ordinator
Wavin Ltd
An Orbia Business


“Delivering the Industry’s first standardisation data template will be a significant step change in uniting the entire industry, by bringing a consistency and structure to the receiving and delivering of essential product information. 

One version of the truth to be shared across all industry organisations and platforms will ensure uniformity and allow for professional management and tracking of all products.

Once the initial document is set up, the management for delivering the correct quality information in a timely and consistent manner will save manufacturers and suppliers valuable time and effort.

IBC is delighted to be working on this long overdue industry initiative and we are looking forward to working with all our key supplier partners in the future months.”

Dave Robertson, Managing Director


"As a data consultancy, Amplifi has witnessed the benefits that can be achieved when linked organisations speak the same language and hold the same expectations. Standards in finance, pharmaceuticals, food services and general retail have enabled the efficient flow of data between partners, dramatically reducing risks and costs. 

So, what about the building sector?

The BMF Product Data Standardisation Working Group has taken a well thought out approach, bringing manufacturers, distributors, retailers and data experts together to agree (and test) the common language for the Building Sector.

With good adoption and further input, this will become the definitive standard for the building sector."

Stuart Squires, SVP Strategy & Consulting