Industry digitalisation

The BMF is working on new digitalisation initiatives to help its members seeking to digitalise their businesses.



The BMF is working closely with ETIM UK to help members seeking to digitalise their businesses. The BMF has partnered with the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) to develop and implement the ETIM open source data model for the standardisation and classification of product data in the UK.  Read more ....

What is ETIM?

  • It is the international data model for the standardisation and classification of technical product data.
  • It is a logical, unambiguous classification or taxonomy which is both manufacturer and system independent.
  • It is designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of product data through the supply chain, without any re-working or re-keying.
  • The data is ready to be used on a website, printed catalogue or BIM product data template.
  • The ETIM model includes the most important technical characteristics required for a buyer or specifier to find and select the correct product.

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For more information about ETIM please contact Dave Bate, BMF's ETIM UK Manager at [email protected].

We have recently produced a series of five 'Briefing Guides' to help with the understanding of ETIM for BMF members and these can be obtained as PDF copies through contacting Dave Bate (see email address above).

  1. Effective E-Commerce - Three product data essentials for builders merchants
  2. Creating a Product Data Strategy - - A seven point plan for manufacturers
  3. Starting Your ETIM Journey - A guide for manufacturers
  4. Creating Excellent Product Descriptions - Guidance & best practice for e-commerce
  5. Creating Excellent Product Images - Guidance & best practice for e-commerce

We also have a range of Product Data Preparation Example sheets that may be useful for you if you are just starting out on the ETIM journey - a PDF copy is available via Dave Bate at [email protected].

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