BMF Building Blocks

BMF Building Blocks
Providing our members the very best industry training has always been a key objective at the BMF. We recognise that highly trained and knowledgeable staff set our members apart from their competitors and in the fast moving markets of the 21st century it’s vital that frontline staff have the latest information at their fingertips.

The Future of Knowledge

BMF Building Blocks is a brand new flexible programme of online training designed to replace the MOL distance learning workbooks which were retired in 2018. The Building Blocks series is designed to introduce apprentices, new starters and existing staff looking to broaden their knowledge to the intricacies of life in a builders’ merchant. It starts with foundation Blocks that cover planning, regulations and structural components, moves on to cover key product groups and ultimately builds into a comprehensive guide to the industry and the products stocked and sold by every type of merchant.

The Programme
BMF Building Blocks is one of the most comprehensive industry training programmes we have ever undertaken. Once completed it will consist of over 100 e-learning modules divided into 15 Blocks.

As a guide, the average Block will consist of 6 – 8 modules providing around 10 hours of directed learning. Every Block will cover a specific industry topic and the online training combines video, animation and interactive content to bring the subjects to life. They also include a final assessment module, additional course reading, weblinks and work-based exercises for further onsite training.

Available Now
The first Building Blocks are available now and are priced at just £125 each. Blocks can be purchased individually but ultimately build into the most comprehensive Merchant training programme available. Learners will access the courses through BMF Campus, and whilst members are encouraged to subscribe and manage their staff through the programme, a subscription is not essential. Talk to your Regional Manager for more information.

How Does it Work? 
Learners: Once registered learners log in to BMF Campus to access their current training Block from their individual profile. They will have reading to do from a range of downloadable documents, e-learning modules to complete and finally each topic has associated mini ‘action learning’ tasks to complete. Each Block concludes with a demanding Assessment, successful completion of which generates a unique certificate for the learner, which they can save or download for printing if they wish. Once the accreditation process is complete, those who achieve Award status will
receive a printed certificate from OA.

Managers: BMF Campus has a clear and easy to use manager interface so learners’ line managers can track progress and check on module and Block Assessment results. They will also be able to check on the action learning tasks, and sign off on the offline elements of the training.

Occupational Awards Accreditation
Our e-learning partner, Cortexa is an approved online centre for NVQs and the Building Blocks Programme will be fully accredited by Occupational Awards by the end of 2019. The proposed Merchant Award will require successful completion of three Blocks and other qualifications will be developed in due course.

Watch the video preview below

The first six Building Blocks released in 2019 will be:

Introduction to Residential Construction:

- Building Reg, Planning & Prep
- Starting Work on a Site
- Structural Elements
- Bricks and Blocks
- Cement and Plaster
- Components for Bricks & Blocks

Timber as a Building Materials:
- Introduction to Timber
- Building with Timber
- Roofing
- Internal Timber and Carcassing 
- Joinery
- Components for Timber Construction

Heating and Hot Water Comfort:
- Introduction to Central Heating 
- System Controls
- Boilers, Heat Pumps and Solar
- Hot Water and Hot Water Storage
- Heat Emitters
- Water Treatments

Buildings Insulation:
- Principles of Insulation
- Building Regulations and Robust Details
- Insulation Materials
- Wall Insulation
- Roof Insulation
- Floor Insulation

Above Ground Drainage:
- Introduction to Above Ground Drainage
- Rainwater, Gutter and Pipework
- Soil Systems
- Waste Pipes & Fittings
- Waste Outlets and Traps
- Rainwater Harvesting 

Customer Care:
- What is Customer Care?
- Communication Skills
- What does the Customer want?
- Adding Value
- Dealing with Complaints
- Seeking Feedback

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