Women in Merchanting Round Table

Women in Merchanting Round Table
Builders’ Merchants News and The Builders Merchants Federation have teamed up for its second ‘Women in Merchanting’, a series of discussions that will highlight some of the many issues facing women in the modern merchant and construction sector.

‘Women in Merchanting’ will not just highlight the issues, but will also strive to encourage and engage the next generation of women leaders. This debate will be attended by a select group of women from merchant and supplier management positions. Topics will be posed in a discussion format and the debate will be chaired by BMN.

The debate will be videoed, recorded and transcribed and will appear in Builders’ Merchants News as a series of articles. It is the aim of the BMF and BMN to continue to highlight our industry as a career choice for the women of the future.

Participation is by invitation only.

View the last round table video here


11.30    Networking begins

12.00    Informal lunch, photography and video biographies

13.00    Debate commences. Topics to be discussed:

•           The skills shortage
•           The poor image of construction generally and of merchanting specifically as a career option
•           Lack of information about the merchant sector among young people generally and girls/young women specifically
•           Lack of local opportunities for women to get involved in

•           Growing demand within construction – merchants are enjoying a boom time – but skills gaps are being identified
•           How do merchants recruit new employees? Do they make themselves attractive to women?
•           How does working at a merchant fit in with women’s lifestyles, expectations, requirements etc.?
•           What is it like for a woman working at a merchant? What have been the struggles, the successes and the stereotypes?

•           Employment practices
•           Culture change
•           Physical working conditions
•           how to be credible and progress your career in a male dominated industry? - share learnings, hints and tips for others 
•           how can we include more male leaders and colleagues into this diversity challenge for our industry?
•           what would you tell your younger self (when first starting your career and making job choices) to do more of or do differently? - share learnings, successes, hints and tips for others

•           Maternity Leave - empowering women employees to confidently family plan, support and changing organizational culture (from Saskia at City Plumbing)
•           How to change the hearts and minds of customers across the business who are reluctant to deal with a woman especially a younger woman – this is an issue more so with older customers but happens quite frequently that men come in a look past the female serving to talk to a man (from Sue McKinney, Chandlers BS)
•           Flexible working – how can we attract a 25-45 female workforce into customer facing roles especially if there isn’t more flexibility with regard to working hours to accommodate those who have to do the school run which in the majority of cases is still a female responsibility. (from Sue McKinney, Chandlers BS)

1500-1530         After the event, if anyone hasn’t had the opportunity to have a photograph or video bio and wants to, we can arrange for this and then proceedings will formally come to an and at approximately 3.30 pm.

For more information please contact Christine Wall at christine.wall@bmf.org.uk.or Lucyanne Matthews at l.matthews@hgluk.com

2/13/2019 11:30 AM - 3:50 PM
BMF 1180 Elliott Court, Coventry Business Park Herald Avenue Coventry CV5 6UB England

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