NEW - BMF Sustainability Forum - June 2021

NEW - BMF Sustainability Forum - June 2021
The programme for this new Forum will cover a range of topics that we feel would be top of most Directors'/Managers' minds. The event is open to all members and will be held virtually via Zoom.

In response to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) ambition to drive carbon out of construction the BMF is launching a new Sustainability Forum, which will meet for the first time on 9 June.

To be chaired by Giles Bradford, Communications and Engagement Manager at Bradfords Building Supplies and sponsored by BMF service member, Peak, the Sustainability Forum will bring together merchants and building material Peak - BMF Forum Partner for Sustainabilitymanufacturers for regular briefings and discussions to share progress and best practice.

This event is sponsored by BMF Forum Partner, Peak.

All meetings will be held in accordance with the BMF’s Competition Act compliance procedures, to the effect that at no time would there be any discussion on subjects that were prohibited by the Competition Act 1998 or the Enterprise Act 2002. In particular, the issues of prices and market share or any other issues covered by the legislation would not be raised or discussed. If they were, the chairman would immediately terminate the meeting.


John Newcomb, BMF CEO: Welcome and BMF Update
Hannah Vickers, ACE CEO: CLC’s Construct Zero initiative
Giles Bradford, Bradfords: Interactive session on role of the merchant 
Mark Perkins, Peak : sponsors speaking slot
Simon Ayers, Trustmark CEO: Multi measures required 
Q&A and opportunity to send questions in advance of the forum meeting to speakers too

This Forum is restricted to a maximum of 2 people per organisationTo book your place, please make sure you are logged in. * Please note terms and conditions apply - please see Event Terms and Conditions in the footer below.

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For more information contact Richard Ellithorne at [email protected]
6/9/2021 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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