BMF Plumbing & Heating Webinar - Autumn 2020

BMF Plumbing & Heating Webinar - Autumn 2020
The upcoming BMF Plumbing and Heating Forum will be held in a webinar format due to Covid-19 precautions. The forum programme will cover a range of topics that we feel would be top of most Directors'/Managers' minds.

The webinar will take 2.5 hours and is free of charge to members.

The agenda will be the following:

Welcome, Introduction & Summary - Mark Bradley, BMF Chairman
BMF Plumbing & Heating Industry Review - John Newcomb, BMF CEO
Plumbing & Heating Research with Eureka - Richard Mace, Eureka Research
Digital Channels and E-Commerce Growth - Andy Scothern, E-Commonsense
Supplier market overview/challenges & opportunities - Ian Hansell, Bristan
Merchant market overview/challenges & opportunities - Matthew Longford, Alan T Carr
Summary, Q&A - Mark Bradley, BMF Chairman

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9/23/2020 10:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Registration not available.

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