BMF ETIM Working Group - Skylights

BMF ETIM Working Group - Skylights
The upcoming BMF ETIM working Group for Skylights will be held in a webinar format. The event is organised by Dave Bate, ETIM Project Manager.


The working group will be held via Microsoft Teams.  

Product data is never finished, there will always be more to do, so the BMF would like your help to make ETIM, the global data standard, an even better fit for the UK’s construction sector.

This ETIM Working Group will work through existing ETIM product classes focused on Skylights, we will review and amend the terminology used to ensure that the ETIM data model is correctly represented for the UK market sector. As this event is focusing on technical product detail it is suggested that attendees should have a good level of product knowledge (e.g. product managers) and targeted at suppliers/manufacturers and would welcome interest and input from merchants as well.

Agenda will be as follows:

-   Group introductions
-   ETIM/Project Introduction
-   ETIM Groups:
     - Name/Description - translations
-   ETIM Classes:
     - Name/Description - translations 
     - Synonyms
           - Existing – Translate or Remove
           - New - Add
-   ETIM Features:
     - Name/Description - translations
-   ETIM Values:
     - Name/Description - translations
-   Next steps
     - Additions/Amendments
     - Follow up meetings
-   AOB

Note - It will be useful to have access to any technical datasheets, catalogues or websites that shows the technical product information for reference purposes.

All meetings will be held in accordance with the BMF’s Competition Act compliance procedures, to the effect that at no time would there be any discussion on subjects that were prohibited by the Competition Act 1998 or the Enterprise Act 2002. In particular, the issues of prices and market share or any other issues covered by the legislation would not be raised or discussed. If they were, the chairman would immediately terminate the meeting.

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For more information contact Dave Bate at [email protected]

9/23/2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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