The BMF’s product data template

The BMF’s Building Materials product data template. By the industry, for the industry.


A working group of BMF merchant, manufacturer and service provider members, has developed a practical solution to the issue of the lack of efficiencies caused by the historical emergence of multiple product data. 

After 12 months of robust development, testing and consultation, the working group is releasing the first industry template to all members, with the aim of achieving high levels of industry wide adoption in year 1 and beyond.

Improving the reliable flow of product data through the Building Materials supply chain.

“We’re proud to announce the release of the BMF’s first member developed and member tested product data template. It sets the standard for a single source of truth for product data in the Building Materials industry. We urge all our members to adopt the template.”

John Newcomb, CEO

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Download the brochure

Download the brochure
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