Application for BMF Associate Membership

Application Criteria


Associate Membership of the BMF is designed to formalise liaison and foster good working relations with Trade Associations, other membership bodies and specific interest groups representing trade(s) or interests that are allied to or are of relevance to the BMF, its members and/or the Building Materials Distribution Sector generally. It is open to organisations complying with the following rules:

  • Applicants may be advisory bodies, Trade Associations or other Membership Bodies to which individuals, companies and other trade associations may be members. If the Applicant organisation is a membership body in its own right its membership may comprise the BMF itself and/or persons or companies that are also BMF Members.
  • Applicants may be admitted to Associate Membership if in the opinion of the BMF Board registration will improve the BMF's services to BMF members or improve the relationship and service between BMF members and the Applicant's own membership.
  • Applicants are expected to pursue policies and services that are beneficial to the interests of the BMF and its members.
  • Applicants need not be UK based and may have a European or international remit.
  • Subscriptions for Associate Membership will be set from time to time by the BMF Board and in the case where the BMF is a member of the Applicant organisation, a full or partial reciprocity of subscriptions may be agreed with the Applicant 
  • Applicants undertake not to offer services directly to BMF members not already in membership of the applicant unless with the full agreement of the BMF Board.
  • The decision as to membership will be that of the BMF Board which reserves the right to allocate membership to another BMF Membership category if that is thought more appropriate.