Ukraine Appeal

The BMF has launched a national campaign, calling on its members and their customers to support the Ukraine crisis.

Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had devastating consequences. Over 2 million people, mostly women and children have fled Ukraine, with over 1.2 million crossing the border into Poland.  Hungry, exhausted and traumatised, people are in urgent need of food, water and shelter. People are losing their homes and lives, essential services like water and healthcare have been hit and temperatures have dropped below zero.

A dedicated Just Giving page has been set up to rise vital funds at

- £10 could provide essential hygiene supplies for one person for one month 
- £20 could provide emergency food for one person for one month
- £50 could provide blankets for 4 families to keep them warm
- £80 could provide essential hygiene supplies for 8 people for one month 
- £100 could provide emergency food to a family of 5 for one month 
- £300 could provide blankets for 24 families to keep them warm

BMF CEO, John Newcomb, is also co-ordinating a pan-European approach, calling for support from the building materials industry across the Continent. John said: “We’ve been told by our contact in Kyiv that warm clothing is one of the things which is urgently required. Our members play a key role in the community and the unique nature of their work, and their stock of equipment such as workwear, puts them in a good position to help get much needed supplies over to Ukraine. 

ActionAid has provided a suite of materials and fundraising ideas to help you make a real difference and you can find out more about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine here.

Donate now!

Donate goods

The BMF has collaborated with a local charity in Coventry, to provide much needed warm clothing and other essential items. Feed the hungry is charity which is dedicating it's time to collecting donations of good to help refugees from Ukraine. 

The charity has already transported over 40 tons of items to two warehouses, one in Poland and one in Romania and distributed out to centres and community groups helping refugees. 

The charity is currently collating a shipment of:
-   Thermal Clothing 
-   Bedding
-   Torches, lamps and first aid kits
-   Toiletries 
-   Baby items
-   Household items
-   Food items (including tinned and jarred goods, dry foods, cereals)

Anyone who wishes to donate any items, can send them to BMF Head Office 1180 Elliott Court, Coventry Business Park, Coventry, West Midlands CV5 6UB.

If you would like further information, please contact Jeremy Harris at [email protected]