About the BMF

Building excellence in materials supplyThe BMF is the only trade association that represents and protects the interests of builders’ merchants and suppliers to the building materials industry in the UK and Ireland. Total membership from 1 April 2022 stands at 800 merchant and supplier companies who together have combined sales of over £43bn and employ over 221,000 people in the building materials industry. BMF’s 415 merchant members operate from over 5,530 branches across the UK and Ireland.

The BMF is the active hub of merchant and supplier activity in the UK, working closely with allied industry groups and regulatory bodies such as trading standards and planning departments, to ensure that issues affecting member merchants and suppliers are tackled promptly and effectively. The BMF is an active lobbyist with local and central government in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and has an impressive track record of achievements.

We are totally dedicated to the interests of our members, providing training and professional and knowledgeable support through services such as Cyber Insurance Plus, Intelligent Employment Plus, Insurance Plus, Safety Plus, and Transport Plus, as well as organising key events where members can meet and exchange ideas with fellow merchants, suppliers, and leading industry figures. We work continually to ensure that merchants survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive and fast-developing market.

BMF members enjoy 5 core benefits and more:

  • Training and development
  • Business support
  • Access to market data
  • Networking opportunities
  • Political representation

So whether you are a large or small merchant, a supplier of building materials, provide a service to merchants, or you would like to be an associate member then the BMF is the trade association for you.

BMF - At a glance