BMF awards

The BMF is an award-winning trade association. Below are just some of our recent awards and shortlist nominations:

Association Excellence Awards 2022

Judges' comments: "The BMF has worked hard to bring merchants and building material manufacturers together through working groups and forums to share information and initiatives in the sustainability area."

Awards 2021

Association Excellence


Covid Response Awards

Association Excellence Awards 2019

Judges' comments: "Impressive performance - establishing a regional network that is active is not easy to do. Results improving strongly." "A Trade Association that is clearly in tune with its members.  Listening and responding to member needs is enabling the association to build on the notable success it has achieved since the current CEO took charge. Engaging with members to gain the use of localised facilities - free of charge - has enabled BMF to become an effective supporter of its members all around the country."

Judges' comments: "Interesting use of branding around the BMF Regional Centres of Excellence.  Good to see an initiative adding value to a geographically diverse membership.  Not entirely clear whether the centres contribute more (content?) than a venue offering in return for valuable branding." "'A simple idea with a huge impact' is a good summary. Well-executed at scale and with strong engagement. Well written submission." "Good initiative, good stats - well done!"

Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards 2019