Market data

As a benefit of membership the BMF provides a wide range of statistical business reports for members.  

Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) and Sales Indicators Report


The Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI) is a brand of the Builders Merchants Federation. Launched and managed by MRA Marketing, it uses sales-out data from GfK’s General Builders’ Merchants Panel and includes a panel of leading industry Experts who speak for and explain their markets. For more information scroll down and click on the relevant links.

This BMBI uses data from GfK’s ground-breaking Builders Merchants Panel, which analyses data from over 80% of generalist builders’ merchants’ sales throughout Great Britain.

GfK’s Builders Merchants Panel started collecting data in July 2014, and all trend data in the BMBI is indexed on the 6 month period July 2014 to December 2014. The monthly series tracks what is happening in the market month by month and includes an in-depth review every quarter. This trend series gives our industry access to far more accurate and comprehensive data than that available to other construction sectors.

The reports also include views from our panel of leading industry experts to help explain trends, issues and opportunities in their markets.

The BMBI is sent out to all our members every month as a benefit of membership. The report combines data from GfK’s ground-breaking Builders Merchant Panel, which analyses data from over 80% of generalist builders merchants’ sales throughout the UK, and the BMF’s own Sales Indicators based on monthly returns from the majority of merchant members outlets. It gives our industry access to far more comprehensive data than that available to other construction sectors. 

There are two tiers of report available to members, depending on the level of regional sales data members wish to receive from the BMF Sales Indicators. BMF Sales Indicator report now features alongside the BMBI. All members of the BMF can receive the core BMBI report. However those members who have paid the subscription fee will also receive full insights from the BMF Sales Indicators. The core version still includes a general overview of each month's regional sales findings. Alternatively, merchant members can contribute their monthly sales figures which will be included anonymously into the Sales Indicator report, to receive the full version for no added cost. If you are interested in receiving the Full Report including Sales Indicators or believe they have been sent the wrong version please contact Ammar Quayum by email at

The Experts


BMBI Experts are the voice of their markets. They make sense of trends for users of the building index.Experts are market leaders or brands who aspire to be leaders. They are companies that can legitimately speak for their markets. This includes explaining issues and opportunities in their markets, and where appropriate making the case for or against legislation, industry schemes or government policy.

For more information about BMBI visit BMBI website

Remuneration survey

The BMF 2016 Remuneration Report shows salaries, wages and benefits paid to Builders Merchants’ employees up to 1 April 2016.

Results are given for each of the thirteen Standard Planning Regions and nationally.

Remuneration rates are those most commonly paid to an experienced employee, i.e. with over two years service fully experienced and capable. Trainees are not included.

KPI report

The BMF’s Key Performance Indicators Report indicates how the trading performance of builders' merchants fared over the twelve months ending April compared with the two previous years.

The report highlights 15 ratios which measure the KPI’s of BMF members. The latest KPI report by the BMF is for the year ending April 2016.

CPA Weekly notes

CPA weekly notes highlight key headlines relevant for the construction industry.

CPA forecast

The CPA forecasts are available for all BMF members to view free of charge and new editions are sent every quarter.

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