The BMF's charity partners

The BMF’s charity partners for 2017 are the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Rainy Day Trust.   Fundraising initiatives will be held at the BMF’s three main industry events in 2017 – its Burns’ Night Supper in January, the BMF All Industry Conference in June and Members’ Day in September. BMF will also support the Pavestone Rally in September, which aims to raise an amazing £100K.

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust make sure young people don't face cancer alone. They do it by helping young people and their families deal with the many ways that cancer can affect a young person’s body, mind and life. Teenage Cancer Trust work in partnership with the NHS to bring young people together so they can support each other, doing it from the moment cancer is diagnosed until long after treatment is over.

Teenage Cancer Trust provide a range of services including:

28 specialist cancer units across the UK
Their units aren’t like ordinary cancer wards. They are designed to feel like places young people might naturally hang out. The walls are bright, the furniture is funky, there might be pool tables and a jukebox and there’s always a place to watch films and get online.  

A specialist team of professionals:  
Youth Support Coordinators provide one-to-one and group support, keep patients active and encourage them to socialise and stay connected with other young people during long stays in hospital. Specialist nurses are experts in teenage and young adult cancer. They are responsible for developing and providing excellent clinical care for young people as well as emotional support for them and their families. 

Free cancer awareness sessions in schools
Their education sessions are up-beat and positive and teach young people about the signs of cancer, cancer treatments and healthy living.  At the moment, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust supports, there’s another they can’t reach. Builder’s Merchant Federation’s pledge to support them will make a huge difference to them:

£25...          Could provide an hour of vital nursing care from a Teenage Cancer Trust Clinical Nurse Specialist
£900...        Could pay for a young person to attend Teenage Cancer Trust’s annual ‘Find Your Sense of Tumour’ weekend conference allowing them to meet
£6,900…     Could fund activities organised by a Teenage Cancer Trust’s Youth Support Coordinator for one year including arts and crafts, music lessons, pizza nights and more…
£25,000…   Could pay for a year’s costs to maintain a unit including ongoing maintenance and repairs, operation unit costs and our wifi/TV contracts 

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Rainy Day Trust


The Rainy Day Trust is the only charity which exists solely to help people who have worked in the UK’s home improvement and enhancement industry.  

Working alone and in partnership with other organisations, the Rainy Day Trust provides financial and other assistance to those who have fallen on hard times.  

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